STR8 Brand cases provide the perfect amount of protection for any and all collectibles, regardless of size. Our leading technicians in the industry have meticulously tested the strength and durability of each case to ensure the overall protection and safety of all items inside. Yes, each case has withstood a drop from 9 varied heights. The high quality polypropylene glass survived during every single trial. Our STR8 Brand case is by far the most fundamental lockable STR8 box for protecting your valuables. The hard shell case is made from ultra high-impact polypropylene. On the inside, STR8 Cases include a pre-cut foam that can be easily separated by hand to fit around any object. The STR8 top or lid of the newest edition has a hidden stash pocket for organizing your 510 thread battery, 2 piece small grinder, small silicone or other items. With many sizes and colors to choose from, STR8 brand cases provide the ideal carrying case for any need. The possibilities are endless when it comes to STR8 Brand cases. Protect your 8 inch hookah, ensure the safety of all of your valuables, or simply transport any items safely and securely.

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STR8 carries 3D Essentials to meet any dabbers’ needs. Our 3D Essentials include Temp StationsDab Organizers and 3D Accessories. Each item has been carefully designed by fellow dabbers and created for any level of experience. STR8 Temp Stations reach out to true dabbing enthusiasts who want nothing more than to capture the pure essence of a strain with minimal burn/waste. Dabbing at the perfect temperature partnered with the right tools can severely impact the overall flavor of your dab. Keep in mind that the medium temperature for dabbing sits right around 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you check out our 3D Accessories for dab rings as well.


STR8 3D Essentials are exclusively designed and printed in Detroit, MI, USA. STR8 3D Essentials came to fruition to solve an organizational issue for seasoned dabbers using table top dab stations. We did this by creating unique dab organizers that quickly became a functional way for dabbers to organize/display their favorite tools and valuables. Some of these items include; dabber stands, carb caps, nail and slide holders, and q-tip stations with multiple uses.


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STR8 Brand carries a wide variety of herb grinders. Whether you are looking for a 2 piece metal grinder or the state of the art 3-piece Flower Mill grinder, STR8 Brand has an array of options to fit your needs. We carry many popular styles and colors with quality that will definitely not disappoint. We carry all 2-piece styles, 3 piece styles (flower mill only), and 4-piece styles, in all sizes such as 40mm, 55mm, 63mm, and 75mm including both aluminum (metal grinders), ceramic coated grinders and hybrids (see the Flower Mill Elite Grinder). STR8 RYPR grinders all include a velvet pouch to store or place your grinder in to assist in being discrete or on-the-go. Explore our most popular STR8 Flower Mill, the Elite. The Flower Mill Elite is also commonly referred to as the toothless grinder because it has no teeth, it simply pushes flower through a diffuser screen where is naturally wants to break apart.  Let’s get you STR8!

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STR8 Brand stocks the most elite rolling trays in the industry. STR8 Brand carries rolling trays that truly capture the spirit of Detroit. Explore a variety of styles from eccentric pops of color displayed on metal rolling trays, to the most popular representation of detroit which depicts Detroits’ own legendary Boxer, Joe Louis. Our rolling trays even have customized slots for rolled cones, papers, and lighters. We kicked it up a notch and added an easy pour corner to further personalize your experience. Our STR8 Brand roll kits are unmatched in the industry. Start with a mini roll kit or jump right in to the V3 roll kit. Also available in fun colors to store all of your rolling essentials safely and securely. Shop STR8 Brand for all of your rolling needs. We offer high quality Roll Kits, Rolling Trays, Paper, Cones and Grinders.

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