STR8 Essentials Cone Socket in Rainbow

3D Printed Item | Our STR8 Cone Socket allows you to smoke hands free and ash your smoke without ever touching the roll, preventing odor on your fingers and keeping your nails from staining or turning yellow. The STR8 Cone Socket measures at 1.75 inches in length which helps keep smoke out of your eyes, face and hair during your sesh. This item is stylish, lightweight and petite with a lanyard slot, making it easily portable and a great conversation piece that’ll have everyone wanting to take a puff. Smoking holders make a great addition to any smoker’s collection.



Dimensions: 1.75″ L x 0.625″ W x 0.865″ H
3D Printed Cone Socket
  • Fits most cone sizes
  • Includes a lanyard slot
  • Isopropyl alcohol safe for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight durable design

**This product is 3D printed and may have slight cosmetic imperfections.

**Please allow 1 business day to process order.

**Cone not included.


Smoke to the end of the cone and don’t ever burn your fingers, pinch or waste any product with the STR8 Cone Socket!

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