Shop 510 thread vapes such as our STR8 Slim batteries with 3 different styles and 7 colors. Draw Slim being a button less auto draw for those who love an easy pen style battery. Our STR Switch Slim has 1 button with 3 temp settings and the Revolve Slim is a vape battery you twist to adjust voltage. For a higher vape pen battery, check out STR8 Evods, available in 3 mAh sizes such as the STR8 Switch 1100, the STR8 Revolve 650 or the STR8 Switch 900 charger for the straight vape. Each pen includes a STR8 vape battery charger, a USB smart charger that lets you know if your battery is charging by a green light (fully charged) or a red light (no charge).

If you’re searching for a vape starter kit we’ve got many popular sets to help you get started, such as the STR8 Flex which includes a wax chamber, making it a dual purpose vape battery with multiple temperature settings. Our most popular STR8 vape is the micro vape or some would refer to it as the honeypen volt micro 500mah because it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but powerful for each sesh. Shop STR8 trending vape kits below with the vape supplies to help you get started.

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