STR8 Essentials collage featuring 6 Slot Stand Up Dabber Display in blue, Pendant Display in Green, QTip Station in light blue, Carb Cap Holder in Wisteria, All In One Station in red, Single Nail And Slide Holder in grey and 16oz Swan 99% Isopropyl Alcohol with q tip globs

How To Clean Your STR8 Essentials

STR8 Essentials are 3D printed dab accessories meant to keep your setup clean and organized. Each piece is printed at STR8 Brand’s headquarters in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Cleaning your STR8 Essentials items is quick, easy, and chances are you already have the materials you need on hand. The following is how to do so.



You’ll need isopropyl alcohol (AKA rubbing alcohol), ideally of a 70% concentration or higher. A concentration of more than 70% doesn’t kill as much bacteria as 70% as there has to be enough water present with the isopropyl for it to be effective.


You’ll need Glob Mops or your choice of Q-Tips to apply the isopropyl to your 3D printed plastic piece if you need to get into some of those tight corners.


A soft cloth to wipe down the piece once the isopropyl has been applied.

STR8 Essentials are a great way to get organized, each item is available in nine different colors, and certain items are available in different sizes to fit your needs completely. For more, click here.

2 thoughts on “How To Clean Your STR8 Essentials

  1. ergotic says:

    useless. this does not tell me how or where to apply the isopropanol. it just lists three steps but with NO details or instructions. how do i clean my revolve slim??? i tried cleaning the end with a qtip and alcohol but there is nothing to clean. the pen end looks clean and the qtip comes out clean. it is very hard to draw (inhale) thru the pen.

    1. admin says:

      This blog is for cleaning your STR8 3D Essentials. To clean your STR8 Revolve Slim, try taking a qtip and some rubbing alcohol and clean the connection on both the cartridge and battery. Should you continue to experience issues with your Revolve Slim, you may fill out a warranty ticket directly on our site by clicking

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