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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Vaping

The number of vape users has been increasing rapidly – from seven million in 2011 to 41 million in 2018. It is estimated that number will continue to grow, with a projected 55 million by 2021. Here are five things you may not already know about the world of vaping.

1. While vaping may not necessarily be new, it is still young enough to not currently have the most research and resources regarding its effect on health – and chances are you’ve heard about the risks of vaping in recent news.

  • But consider this: according to the CDC, cigarette smoking is accountable for over 480,000 deaths per

year in the U.S. alone. This includes over 41,000 deaths as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke. That means that in a single hour, over twice as many Americans die from smoking nicotine than everyone who has passed from vaping-associated lung injuries so far.

2. A typical nicotine cigarette smoker spends an average $13 per pack, which can add up to over $2,250 spent per year. Using a rechargeable vaporizer with disposable or refillable cartridges can dramatically decrease annual costs.

3. The original idea for a non-tobacco cigarette dates back to 1963 when Herbert A. Gilbert submitted a patent for the concept. He failed to commercialize the product, but speculation says it is not clear whether the potential for commercialization even existed then. The modern e-cigarette was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist who created the device to help himself stop smoking.


4. Vaporizers can convert 46% of the available THC from dry plant into vapor for consumption while a typical joint only provides 25% THC.

5. Vaping is popular enough to warrant full conventions around just that, like the National Vape Expo and the World Vape Show. Cloud chasers can congregate at shows like VAPEXPO Moscow, which hosts The World Series of Vaping.

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