Female tattoo model sitting on ledge wearing a pink vest and opal ring with nail art against a blurred background leaning on a 17 Inch STR8 Case With 3 Layer Pre Cut Foam in STR8 Teal

10 Facts About STR8 Cases

Since 2014, STR8 Brand’s STR8 Cases have been a staple in safely transporting glass rigs, pipes, collections, and anything else that needs to be kept extremely safe.

The following are 10 facts about these durable storage & travel cases.

  1. STR8 Cases come in a selection of bright, unique colors, like…
    • Wicked Purple
    • Fury Red
    • Nitro Green
    • Electric Pink
    • fan favorite Roaring Rasta
    • & STR8 Brand’s original, STR8 Teal –plus more.

2. The shell of each STR8 Case is made of polypropylene, an ultra-high-impact thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of applications – like plastic pieces for the automotive industry, for example.

3. STR8 Cases are STRONG – crush resistant, in fact. They’ve withheld the teeth of a lion, the weight of a truck, being dropped 60 ft. from the top of a building and the piece inside has always survived.

4. Each STR8 Case is IP67 certified waterproof, which means they can be  submerged in a body of water up to a meter deep for up to a half-hour. This also makes them smell proof, perfect for traveling discreetly.

5. The foam inside each STR8 Case is fully customizable with a pre-cut grid. For an in-depth video on how to customize the foam in your case, click here.

6. The lids on the 13” and 17” STR8 Case options are removable and can be interchanged with different colors of the respective sizes, providing yet another option to customize and truly make your cases your own.

7. The STR8 Case collection offers 8 size options and two of those are large, luggage style cases with wheels. The 21” Roller Case and the 23” Roller Case are perfect options for transporting much larger items, special collections, and are especially ideal for traveling.

8. Each STR8 Case includes an automatic air pressure valve that requires no extra attention as the case sets it automatically. This feature keeps your sensitive fluid items safe inside the case with no leaking, and additionally helps keep product fresh for longer at certain temperatures.

9. STR8 Cases between the sizes of 8” and 17” come with hinges intended to attach a shoulder strap to make carrying even easier.

10. STR8 Cases stack easily – especially those of the same size. Cases will fit securely into the grooves of each other and won’t fall over when stacked.


STR8 Brand offers a 30-year warranty on all STR8 Cases. For more information, visit